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Metal tumbling and polishing department

Thanks to the tumbling process using water and abrasive substances, the burrs from Zamak fusion, typical of metal parts, can be removed. To polish metals, we use a Rösler ST22 rotary vibrator with a noise protection cover for:

- Deburring
- Heavy deburring
- Descaling
- Smoothing
- Dry polishing
- Superfinishing
- Pre-galvanisation
- Auto-tumbling

During the tumbling stage, urea-resin abrasives are used to provide sufficient elasticity for a good level of abrasion, but with a very fine finish, without any dents and with a very low level of roughness, which is particularly recommended for objects in light alloys and for pre-galvanisation processes on any type of metal: aluminium, steel, brass, Zamak, etc.

The advantages of RÖSLER vibrator finishing or tumbling are:

- Cost savings: using these systems reduces manual input and the related costs.
- Speed: the processing times are much faster than when using traditional technologies.
- Flexibility: different sized batches and quantities can be handled