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SIKURA - Hangers for suspended furniture

Sikura hangers successfully meet any requirement in terms of wall cabinet load bearing capacity, anchoring and safety. They are adjustable, have a high load bearing capacity, keep the wall cabinet securely anchored to the wall and feature a patented anti-disengagement system.

Load bearing capacity 80 kg

EN 15939:2019

Locking  System



Technical data:

Sikura features more fastening points, so that the wall cabinet can be better secured to the hanger. There are two main applications: application type A is for cabinets with a finishing top panel; application type B is for cabinets with a top panel that is flush with the back panel. The bottom part of a Sikura hanger features two flaps, which are to be fastened to the RH or LH sidepanel of the cabinet (see diagram C).


Each Sikura hanger features a patented system that prevents the disengagement of the cabinet from the wall plate. Phase 1 shows how the plate is fastened to the hanger. Phase 2 shows how the plate is secured to the hanger and how the anti-disengagement system works (see points "P").