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Zamak hot die-cast moulding

We are specialised in die-casting Zamak, an alloy which is made up mainly of zinc and aluminium and is used in different industrial applications.

Zamak is die-cast in a hot chamber to guarantee an excellent surface finish.

The products manufactured using our machinery include accessories, components and various different types of small parts; we are able to die-cast parts up to a maximum of 350 g per Zamak mould. We are able to satisfy our customers’ needs from the initial idea through to the finished piece, offering a complete service from designing the mould and carrying out the injection moulding through to delivering the finished product. All of this is done with the support of technicians and professionals with consolidated experience, and using the latest technology available on the market so as to obtain great results and a flawless finished product.

Cutting-edge software allows us to evaluate the feasibility of each individual project and create customised solutions to cater to every need.